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She Believes – An Interview with Debbie Lindell

This past week I had the opportunity to sit down with Pastor Debbie Lindell and talk with her about her new book She Believes. Her new book helps you to understand how living a faith-filled life will change you, your circumstances, and your relationships, and will make a difference in how you respond to everything that happens around you. She Believes released October 4, 2016, and is available to order now!

You Can Know Jesus

I want you to know, long before this day, I have been praying for the moment when you would be reading these words. I truly believe, that what you are about to read is the most valuable and important message you could ever hear. And, no matter where you are, reading these words in your car, at work, at school, at the park, alone or surrounded by activity–if you listen, you will hear these words being whispered to your soul. “Precious Daughter, I am the answer for all you have been longing for… I am absolutely everything you need!”

She Believes by Author & Pastor Debbie Lindell

Do you believe what you believe?

What do you really believe about yourself, about your life, and about your Creator? What do you believe about why you were chosen to be alive at this moment in history? How you answer each of those questions affects how you are living your life—whether you are just surviving or whether you are living filled with joy and anticipation, trusting and believing your Heavenly Father has amazing things planned just for you each and every day.

Bri’s Story

When I came home from Designed for Life — everyone noticed a difference in me. You could see God working in me. My relationships with my family, my co-workers and the girls around me went from being a dysfunctional mess to filled with life and joy. I was now looking at everything through the eyes of acceptance and forgiveness rather than unworthiness and condemnation.

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